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Dick Prato
(March 2003 -- Santa Barbara, CA)

From where did your family emigrate and when? Who emigrated (self, parents, grandparents) and what were their names?
My mother came from Rivarolo Canavese at age 3 with her parents and siblings. Maiden name was Borgaro. My father came from Rinco Monferrato, Provincia d'Asti (Provincia d'Alessandria at the time he left), at age 18. He came with a friend. His name was Battista Prato. He came by request from a cousin Borgatello. My mother's family came in 1904 and my father came in 1910. All came directly to Santa Barbara. In 1920 my mothers family all returned to Italy except my mother who had just married my father.

What led them to their destination (relatives already there, hopes of a job at a mill, mine, etc. Please explain)?
My grandfather came to Santa Barbara twice with a friend before calling for his family. He and his friend Cavaletto both bought a ranch. My father came to visit a cousin.

Did they settle among other Piemontesi and were they members of a Piemontesi society (fraternal, mutual aid, etc.)?
They all settled among the Italian community, many Piemonteis, most worked in the gardens of big estates here.

Did your family maintain Piemontesi traditions -- language, culture, history, cuisine, etc.?
Yes, we maintained all the traditions, language, food, etc.

Did your family return home to visit or to live after the initial emigration? Did they maintain contact with family back home?
My mother returned after many years, my father never returned. However, (we) kept in contact with all the relatives.

Do you identify yourself more as American, Italian or Piemontese?
I am an Italian-American then a Piemonteis.

Have you visited your family's town(s) in Piemonte? What was your experience like?
I have visited many times to visit my family in Piemonte.

Have you studied your Piemontesi genealogy? Please explain why.
I have not studied my genealogy yet.

Do you belong to the Piemontesi nel Mondo, Famija Piemonteis or any other organization?
I am a member of the Piemontesi nel Mondo both in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I live in Santa Barbara where there are over 200 Italian-American Piemontesi, however we do not have a club. We do meet once a year for a very festive polenta e stufa dinner.


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